One of the best things about Milton Keynes is our green space. 

Those who don’t live here think we live in a concrete jungle full of roundabouts. It’s true that we have the roundabouts, but we also have more green space per person than anywhere else in the country.

I want to protect our green space for generations to come. Our Labour-run Council wanted to cover our city in concrete and take our population up to 500,000 people. 

Thanks to the efforts of Conservative councillors, that plan has been chucked in the bin—for now.

We still need to do everything we can to protect our green spaces and stop Labour’s reckless plan for population growth.

If elected, I will do everything I can to protect our precious green space.

More people means more houses and more houses means gobbling up more of our green space. 

Once our green space is gone, it’s gone forever.