Loughton and Shenley deserve better

My wife, four boys and I recently moved to Loughton, a beautiful part of Milton Keynes. During the first Covid-19 lockdown we spent every Saturday exploring Shenley Wood and playing football next to Medbourne Pavilion. During the second Covid-19 lockdown we played at playgrounds around Great Holm and Loughton. My kids will be going to local schools and nurseries. My wife and I both run our own businesses right here in Milton Keynes.

This is our new home.

While Milton Keynes is an incredible place to live, I do believe that it can be even better. In fact, I believe our local communities deserve better. I’ve got some radical ideas, but I want to hear your plans.

Let’s have conversations about how we can change our communities. Please feel free to reach out about your community group, your ideas on parking enforcement and solutions to flytipping. I want to work with you on the issues that matter to you and your family.

Let’s do this together 💪




I will NOT vote for council tax rises. I believe there are savings to be made so that vital public services don’t need to be cut.


I will NOT agree to housing development plans on our precious green space. Once it’s gone, it’s gone. Milton Keynes is growing FAST, but we must grow sustainably.


I will NOT support any virtue signalling or vanity projects. The council should not be wasting taxpayers’ money on programmes that are nothing to do with the council.


Whatever the council is doing, it’s NOT working. I believe it’s time to try new things like clamping and vehicle towing trials.


I will ask for FREE residental mobile bulky waste collections and for the installation of CCTV in flytipping hotspots.


I will use as many means of communication as I can (chatting on the doorstep, postal leaflets, email, telephone and social media) in order to keep you updated.