Milton Keynes is an incredible place to live, but our Labour-run council is letting us down.

Our local businesses need support. That’s why the government has given Milton Keynes £7.8 million to save jobs. But our Labour-run council has only spent 4% of the cash.

Litter is a problem all over the Loughton and Shenley ward. Fly-tipping is up 16% across Milton Keynes, but for some reason our Labour-run council is keeping the tip booking system.

Inconsiderate parking in places like this can be a hazard for drivers and a nightmare for local residents. It’s been a year since parking controls were proposed here on Burchard Crescent but our Labour-run council hasn’t done anything about it.

Unfortunately it’s the same here in Grange Farm. Our Labour-run council has STILL not done anything with plans to improve road safety around Hazeley.

While we are here, Labour has let you down with plans to extend the V2. I’ve been working with local residents to find out why they weren’t consulted properly.

I don’t know about you, but I’d like to see the Obelisk renovated. But our Labour-run council withdrew the funding. While they were at it, they also rejected the Conservative amendment to fund speed controls in the area.

Here in Loughton we’ve been calling for the council to make sure they’re ready to enforce the Controlled Parking Zone when lockdown restrictions have been eased. 

Instead, our Labour-run council has cut the number of parking patrol officers and taken money out of the parking contract.

I’m working with Councillors Dan Gilbert and Amanda Marlow to make sure you are listened to. Labour has let YOU down. I believe you deserve better.

Vote for me on 6th May and together we will create the change our city needs.