I just wanted to give you a quick update on what’s happening at Hazeley Wood.

As your local Conservative ward team, Dan, Amanda and I have been working hard to find a solution to this terrible mess.

We are calling for the brakes to be put on while procedures are followed and we fully identify exactly what’s gone wrong.

There are three things we want from Milton Keynes Council:

Firstly, there still needs to be a four week consultation period following the final planning application from the developer. We think all further work should stop until we’ve had this consultation.

Secondly, given the huge implications of this construction work, we think there should be a full Grange Farm wide consultation so each local resident understands what’s going on and can ask questions.

Thirdly, a full apology from Milton Keynes Council and the developer for the way they have both acted towards local residents.

You deserve to be heard and your concerns taken into consideration.

I’ve recently delivered an updater letter to residents. You can download an electronic copy here.

I also helped local residents design and print a window poster. You can download a PDF version here or a PNG version here.

Local residents have also set up a petition which you can sign here.